Beauty from the inside out.


These days most of us are aware that if you want flawless glowing skin you need to eat a healthy balanced diet. However most of us are also unaware what the most important nutrients are and why it is so important to include them in your daily.

One of the top ways to maintain the beautiful skin that we all dream of is water, and lots of it!


Water is by far the number one most essential nutrient for your skin health and well being.

Did you know we lose water at a rate of approximately 9 glasses per day?
- 2 glasses via your skin, 1 via your breath and 6 via our kidneys and bowel.
( Of course this all depends on your daily habits but I'm sure you get what I'm explaining here. )

Girls.....this is a lot of water and we are made up of around 50%!!!!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get this super important readily available nutrient into your amazing bodies. 
To take it to a more skin specific place .... our bodies will only let us release as much fluid as we are putting in or said another way our output needs to match our input!

We need to be consuming enough water to filter out the toxins from our bodies through our kidney/bowel pathway. If you cannot release the toxin this way, they will move to release via the skin and this people is one reason you end up with congestion, breakouts or even skin rashes.

Lets talk lower layers, the lower layers of our skin (known as the dermis) is super reliant on water.

We have this jelly like substance down there where our collagen and elastin lives and we all know the importance of these two dynamos!

Did you know, 80% of this jelly is water??

We need this jelly to protect our collagen, elastin, flexibility and moisture levels.

Now you know why the water girls, make sure you get your skin radiant by imbibing 8 glasses of water per day!

Add to that a high vib’n, vegan friendly, crystal infused Astral facial by yours truly at Mane Beauty and your skin will be positively GLOWING.

Shelly Forbes
Beauty Therapist