Waking up to a bad hair day is like having a flat tyre, you cant go anywhere until you fix it. You feel awful and it can make you just downright cranky.
If your hair seems to have a mind of its own and won’t listen let us help you show your bad hair days that you’re better than that.

Keep on reading to get some fresh manespiration and turn those bad hair days into badass hair days!


Trim the Fringe

The fringe is one of the hottest growing trends of 2017 and beyond and with so many lovely ladies giving all kinds of fringes a try the need for fringe tips arises.

Yes, it’s not so easy to have great hair days if you are the proud owner of a fringe. One thing that will help immensely are regular fringe trims, and did you know they are complimentary when you are a Mane Salon babe?

We recommend you come in between your haircut visits, every 3-4 weeks to keep it banging. When you get regular trims your fringe will be easy to style and and it will have that fresh look.


Put a Stop to Oiliness

While most of us like to blame our genetics on oily hair, it’s not always Mother Nature’s fault.

Most of the time we simply don’t use the right products for our hair and scalp. What often happens is your scalp gets oily quickly due to inadequate home hair care products.

Using the right home hair care specifically diagnosed for you is always a good start and with little product beauties like Kevin.Murphy Fresh Hair you can prolong those awesome hair days.


Messy Is Your Friend

Your mood can totally depend on how good your hair looks, we’ve all been there, that bad hair day that translates to a bad day altogether!

Pick yourself up by putting your hair up in a quick and easy messy bun. Or if you’re not the bun type of gal, go for an on trend loose, chic braid. With fab step by step guides all over Pinterest you can give yourself a great hair day in minutes

If all else fails, then babe go with that low cut dress!

Or better yet book an appointment with one of our talented stylists at Mane Salon, a quick party hair service, a complimentary fringe trim or a fresh new haircut we are dedicated to banishing your bad hair days forever!