green, it's our favourite colour.

at mane we make a conscious effort to take care of people and our planet. 

  • We use Kevin Murphy products which are 100% paraben free, sulphate free and not tested on animals.
  • We recycle 100% of our tin foil and colour tubes in the salon. 
  • We have fitted out shampoo basins with Eco Heads and use Bio Towels.
  • We use eco friendly or homemade cleaning products. 
  • We reuse product packaging for plants and hair tool containers.
  • We pay invoices and bills electronically.
  • We car pool, use public transport and cycle
  • We donate our magazines to the hospital and after hours medical centre
  • We aim to have 1 rubbish bag a month by implementing our zero waste systems of recycling, re-using and composting
  • The brands we stock are ethically and environmentally conscientious
  • We sponsor a local charitable organisation every year such as Prepair NZ.