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Everything you wanted to know about colour explained: 
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For multidimensional blondes, natural vibes and ultimate lightening 

How: Hair is weaved into a foil and painted with colour or lightener, the foil is then sealed and left to develop before rinsing and most likely, toning. A multi-tonal result comes from leaving a little (or more) natural hair between foil packets. Maintenance: 6 - 12 weekly appointments depending on hair growth and desired look. Your stylist may also advise you to alternate full head and half head applications. BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

MANE Salon Foils

For glossy, sun-kissed, effortless colour 

How: Colour / lightener is painted onto the hair in a freehand technique either with the use of foils or without. No chunky streaks, but a seamless, natural-looking highlight effect. Maintenance: You can go anywhere between 2 - 6 months depending on how lived-in you want your colour to look. Your stylist may book you in for a toner appointment in between full colour to refresh the desired tone and to add gloss. BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

Balayage Wellington


Where the magic happens (& a good blonde becomes a beautiful one)

Typically applied after hair has been lightened by foils or balayage. The colour recipe is personalised to your hair, so you can get just the pearly, creamy blonde you want. Helps banish unwanted yellow or orange tones more efficiently than an unprofessional purple shampoo. Also great for keeping blondes radiating in an express appointment between longer lightening sessions. BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

Hair toner Wellington salon

For peek-a-boo panels (à la Dua Lipa), bright colours (like Billie Eilish’s green roots) or dramatic colour changes (think Margot Robbie’s platinum blonde to deep brunette) 

How: A custom and personalised MANE colour plan, which always starts with a pre-appointment complimentary consultation and pre quote. It may involve:

  • PASTELS & BRIGHTS: Unless you have a full head of blonde hair already we’ll take you on a lightening journey. This is because pastel and bright colours only show up on lightened or naturally fair hair. Pastels & brights can also fade quickly, so for optimum colour we’ll book you in for regular toners - as frequently as every 2 - 3 weeks. BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

    Pastel hair colour wellington

  • PEEK-A-BOO PANELS: We’ll lighten the pieces of hair you want to pop, before toning to the desired share. A maintenance schedule will be advised by your stylist. BOOK NOW   /  SEE PRICE LIST

    Peek a Boo panels Hair colour

  • COPPERS & REDS: From strawberry blondes to cherry reds, warm colours can enhance most natural heads of hair. If you’ve got dark dyed hair, there may be an element of colour removal involved - likewise, if you are wanting a fair copper colour, your hair may need to be lightened first. Reds can fade fast so book in every 4 - 12 weeks.  BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

    Copper hair Wellington

  • CORRECTIVE COLOUR: For those who did something they regret. We’re talking from dark to light, or from orangey-yellow blonde to a more flattering tone. We can usually work some magic - the bad news, this can be a big undertaking (for us, but more importantly you!). The process can be expensive and usually starts with one big appointment of around 6 hours and at least 3 - 4 follow up appointments. A complimentary consultation and pre-quote is a must. BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

For one colour all over - from chocolate brown to plum, to clean platinum blonde 

How: We’ll tailor make a colour to suit you and your skin tone, before expertly applying it in a single process - we usually begin by applying to the roots before taking through the ends. There are a few different global colours to consider: 

  • PERMANENT: If you have unwanted greys a permanent colour can work wonders - offering up to 100% coverage. Permanent colour also packs more of a punch than demi-permanent, meaning it can lighten a few shades or dramatically darken.  Maintenance: Regrowth will need touch-ups every 4 - 7 weeks.  BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

      MANE Salon hair colour global

  • DEMI-PERMANENT: A little gentler on the hair and on the maintenance! A demi is designed to fade as it grows out. It can still offer good grey coverage and beautiful, multi-dimensional colour. Maintenance: To keep hair looking rich and glossy, your colour will need to be refreshed every 6 - 8 weeks. BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

  • GLOBAL LIGHTENING: AKA the bleach & tone, or the Gwen Stefani treatment! For ultimate platinum blondes, lightener is applied to the roots and may be taken through the ends on first application. After that, the lighter is carefully applied to regrowth only, hair is then rinsed and toned at the basin for a crystal clean blonde. Maintenance: This is the kind of colour where you can’t skip a session! 4 - 6 weekly sessions are a must.  BOOK NOW  /  SEE PRICE LIST

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