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Why Choose MANE Salon

Our vision is to create a sense of belonging and true self confidence, not only for our clients, also for each other, you, our team.

Excellence, loyalty and happiness are our core values, we live, eat, sleep and breathe them! Don’t come to us if you want a job, come to us if you want lifestyle, rich in passion, purpose and balance.

Here are just three of the many benefits you will enjoy in life as a Manie (or we could say Mane-iac)

1. Our Culture Calendar - including a paid day off for your birthday, Manies who lunch events, hair nights, a social club - the list is long and FUN!

2. Excellence in Education - Education is at our core for EVERYONE.We believe if we are continuously teaching something or learning something we are living by our value of EXCELLENCE. We have dedicated training days and unlimited access to personal development both in and out of the salon, and, it’s not always about the hair. Well being, finances, leadership, growth, creativity these are all areas we focus on in our holistic approach to our happiness.

3. References - not yours, OURS! Don’t take our word for it that MANE is the place for you to be, talk to your predecessors (those who have walked the role before you)for an open and honest reference, our previous team members will spill the tea on what it is really like to be a MANIE!

If your interested in becoming a MANIE : APPLY NOW

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