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CREATIVE COLOUR - It’s on our service menu but what does it mean?

CREATIVE COLOUR - It’s on our service menu but what does it mean?

If traditional foil patterns are classical, this is expressionism! These are services where we don’t follow the mould but create a custom and personalised colour plan. We’re talking couture colour, dramatic changes and bold hues. You’re a creative colour if you’re looking for:

  • Glossy, sun-kissed, seamless colour - You may know this as balayage/foilyage (or ‘where colour is deeper at the roots and blends to lighter mid-lengths and ends’). Your stylist may use a combination of foils and freehand painting techniques for ultimate personalisation.

    Foils Balayage MANE Salon

  • Strawberry blondes or cherry reds - Warm colours can enhance most natural heads of hair and your stylist will tailor a colour recipe to suit your skin tone. If you have previously coloured dark hair there may be an element of colour removal involved - likewise, if you want a peachy copper your hair may need to be lightened first.

  • Peek-a-boo panels and money pieces - Money pieces focus on lightening the area around the hairline, creating a face-framing effect. Peek-a-boo panels can be placed anywhere on the hair for a high-contrast or subtle glimpse of colour. Hair is usually lightened first and then toned in a natural or fun shade. 

    PeekaBoo Panels MANE Salon

  • Pastels - Unless you’re already a light blonde this usually means lightening the hair before applying the pastel of your dreams. Colours like pinks can fade fast, so for optimum colour glossiness, your stylist will book you in for regular maintenance toners. 

    Pastels MANE Salon

Special colour appointments (or services per hour)

  • Corrective colour - If you’ve done something you regret (we’re talking home hair colouring and toning) we can come to the rescue but it can be an extensive and expensive process to correct. It usually starts with one big appointment of around 6 hours and at least 3 - 4 follow-up appointments.
  • Big changes - Are you a blonde who can’t get brunette of your mind? If you’re ready to take the plunge your stylist may work with you across several appointments, so you truly  love your change. There will be several steps involved and treatments to lock in your hue. 

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