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Going gaga for grey! Ready to rock au naturel? READ THIS FIRST

Going gaga for grey! Ready to rock au naturel? READ THIS FIRST

by Olivia Jordan

Not so many moons ago, when I had a few less grey hairs than I do now, I worked in fashion in London. One afternoon I had a meeting with Sarah Harris, an editor at Vogue, and was instantly struck by her most beautiful head of hair, snowy, shiny, striking… grey. Sarah started going grey at 16 and decided early to embrace it and go full silver fox. That night I rooted through my hair hoping to find more than a few silver strands. Alas, I’m not there yet but if you are - lucky you!  

Silver hair has become a big thing, indeed searches of “going grey” have increased more than 879% on image site Pinterest alone. But, before you cancel your next hair appointment a word of warning - gorgeous grey is no happy accident. I spoke to Janine to get the ashy lowdown, it turns out a few simple tips and tricks can make all the difference between drab and divine:

Growing to grey:

“I’d recommend against the straight grow out if you’re regularly having a full head of foils or a global colour,” says Janine. “That results in a harsh line of grey regrowth then colour, instead speak to your stylist about beginning to meld the two with strategically placed blending foils or by switching to a semi-permanent colour, it will honestly make the transition so much more liveable”.  


Grey strands tend to be more coarse, dry and rough in texture, thanks in part to less production of sebum from oil glands. “KEVIN MURPHY YOUNG.AGAIN regime is a must for renewing lustre” says Janine, “don’t skimp on a serum either, YOUNG.AGAIN is infused with immortelle to boost shine and smooth frizz.” 

Shades of silver:

There’s a big difference between grey and oh-my-gosh-I-want-it grey! That’s more often than not in the tone and salon colours can pack more of a punch than a toning shampoo can alone. “Crystal and creamy whites or sparkling silvers can be bought out by your stylist”, adds Janine, who recommends booking in for regular toners, “plus it can be an express service and gradually fades, so it’s a small commitment that makes a big difference.” 


The cuticle (outer layer) of grey hair is very porous which means unwanted yellow and brassy tones can ‘stick’. Counter them with a colour enhancing treatment such as KEVIN.MURPHY COLOURING.ANGELS - message us @manesalonshop with a photo of your hair so one of our stylists can prescribe the perfect angel for you.


A perfect cut will keep silver hair looking sharp and fresh, rather than unruly. “If your hair is naturally straight a bob can be chic and workable”, Janine notes, “as our hair texture changes when we go grey, some of us may find we need to work with more of a curl and a good style makes sure it’s just that - a wave not a frizz ball”. Look to Andie MacDowell’s new style for inspiration.

Finally, what’s a girl who’s not naturally grey (yet) to do? “Work with what you’ve got”, Janine advises, “hints of first grey’s left between foils, à la Kate Moss, can be interesting and add dimension”. Opting for cooler tones is another great way to begin to get the grey vibe. “If you want to go really dramatic like Ariana Grande, a full head of lightener is the way to go, treated after with a super ash toner”.

Sign me up for the silver side!

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