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Are you really shampooing your hair correctly?

Are you really shampooing your hair correctly?
Little things make a big difference - so is true of your hair washing routine. If you’re struggling with limp or lacklustre hair, it may be down to a few simple mistakes. We’ve gone back to basics and asked our team of expert stylists to right some common wrongs - so you’ll be on your way to your best hair yet in the time it takes to have a shower!:

Prescribe the right products

Before we start - are you using the best products for your hair type? If you have fine hair smoothing products may be too heavy and lead to flatness. If your hair is thick and dry, strengthening or volumising products won’t best moisturise your mane. Other factors to consider are dry or oily scalps which may benefit from specific products targeted to your concerns. 

Don’t wash away your colour 

We preach about professional products because, amongst other wonders, they have colour protection built-in. At the very least, be sure to avoid shampoos with colour fading salts, sulphates, detergents and alcohol. Some supermarket anti-dandruff shampoos also strip colour (so much so, it’s become a bit of a fad to use them to purposefully remove home hair colour gone wrong). 


Shampoo the right way

Make sure your hair is thoroughly wet before applying shampoo. Concentrate shampoo on the roots, evenly massaging across the scalp without forgetting the hairline or nape. Don’t scrub too ferociously which can damage hair and cause knots. Shampoo once to cleanse away surface oil, pollution and products - rinse - then repeat for a second time so the beneficial ingredients can really get to work. Remember KEVIN.MURPHY shampoo is super concentrated, it won’t overly foam and a little (approx 20 cents size) goes a long way. 


… And condition correctly too

Apply conditioner after shampoo (you already knew that!) - but did you know you should be concentrating on your mid-lengths and ends? Applying conditioner to the roots can be too heavy, especially for fine hair, making it feel oily. Work conditioner through the hair and wait a couple of minutes before rinsing so it has time to absorb all the nutritional ingredients.


Remove excessive moisture before applying a masque

We know, that pesky small print on the back of a masque saying to towel dry first. It honestly makes a big difference to how well it’s absorbed! Be sure to pat gently rather than rubbing and causing too much friction. If you’re in a real push, squeeze water from the hair at the very least before applying. 

Wash at 38°C

Ok, you don’t have to be that precise - but you get the idea, a little above body temperature, not too hot or too cold. If water is too cold it won’t break down oil and pollutants on hair, while if it’s too hot, your scalp may become dry and irritated. 

Don’t brush hair when it’s wet

Hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet, yanking a hairbrush through it will almost certainly lead to breakage. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb and start from the ends (rather than pulling down from the roots) or opt for the Wet & Dry Brush with specially designed soft, flexible bristles that won’t rip at wet strands.

Avoid washing your hair every day

If your hair is oily, washing it too frequently isn’t the solution. When you wash your hair too often it can actually trigger your scalp to produce more oil, meaning your hair will get greasy faster. If you do feel your hair is getting oily by the end of the day, go back to step 2 - you may not be shampooing your hair correctly in the first place. 



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