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How celebrities really get Hollywood hair (and you can too)

How celebrities really get Hollywood hair (and you can too)

Charlize Theron’s '40s-inspired finger waves, Halle Berry’s pixie cut, Lady Gaga’s powdery blue up-do to match her dress at the Golden Globes. Every award season we get serious Hollywood hair envy. How do celebrities get their hair like that? It’s a question we hear a lot in the salon. We’ve gone Sherlock Holmes on some of the most beloved styles from the silver screen to the White House to find the answers: 


With filming underway for
The Little Mermaid movie, we predict Ariel’s red hair will make a splash this year. Zendaya was ahead of the curve with her deep copper hue and revealed on twitter how she achieved it (hint - it doesn’t involve a dinglehopper!):

COLOUR: With her hair mid-brunette to start with, Zendaya’s glossy red was achieved with a semi-permanent colour all over (a “global” colour). It means gentler regrowth, as it fades over time - plus Kevin Murphy’s colour range contains naturally derived ingredients like aloe vera and pomegranate, which looks after hair as it colours.

CUT: It’s all about length, with healthy ends maintained with regular trims.  

PRODUCT MUST HAVE: KEVIN MURPHY SHIMMER.SHINE with light reflective technology and nourishing Vitamins A, C and E to make the colour glow. 

IMAGE - @zendaya


JLo’s super long hair transformation had us swooning in 2020 - but imitators be warned, hair extensions can be high-maintenance. The good news? JLo’s honey hue is almost universally flattering and can be embraced whatever your length:

COLOUR: Sun kissed balayage, with lightener applied in a freehand technique, allowing more texture and variation compared to a classic full head of foils. Regrowth is softer, but the sandy toner would need to be refreshed regularly to keep the colour glossy. 

CUT: Long soft layers create texture and refine waves.  

PRODUCT MUST HAVE: Eleven Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray, to make those waves pop.

IMAGE - @jlo


When you’re changing the world we don’t imagine there’s much time for a lengthy hair regime. History-maker and boss lady inspo Kamala Harris keeps it sophisticated, yet modern and manageable like this: 

COLOUR: A multi-dimensional global colour in a rich chocolate tone - maintained with regular touch-ups.

CUT: Skimming the shoulders, an easy length for those with pressing deadlines. Layers give it bounce and movement, with shaping around the face less up-keep than a full fringe. 

PRODUCT MUST HAVE: KEVIN MURPHY EVER.SMOOTH for heat activated smoothing and style longevity - keeping hair manageable and in shape between washes. 

IMAGE - @kamalaharris


As seen on Dua Lipa, two-tone hair and peekaboo panels are officially a thing. Our MANE girl Riiki is a fan, here’s how we do it in the salon: 

Riiki's look is noughties nostalgia meets 2021 - and is so fun to create. Her hair is naturally dark so we use lightener for the panels, then depending on the day, we tone it either crisp white or ashy grey. Layering encourages hair to move and reveal the blonde panel.”

PRODUCT MUST HAVE: KEVIN MURPHY BLONDE.ANGEL regime to keep the blonde crisp, clean and never brassy. 

IMAGE : @dualipa / @riikireid



She may be brunette by birth, but Margot Robbie is a natural blonde bombshell. The icy colour is not for the faint-hearted, it’s a lot of work and a lot of upkeep, but when it looks
this good we think it’s worth the commitment:

COLOUR: A double combination. A full head of foils packed tightly in, then a balayage (freehand lightener application) on ends and dark pieces between foils. This creates some variation and depth, with gentler regrowth.

CUT: The long bob length and blunt ends make the hair look fuller and keeps it healthier.

PRODUCT MUST HAVE: According to her celebrity colourist, Margot swears by Olaplex to repair damage and protect the hair structure, which can be very fragile from lightening.

IMAGE : @margotrobbie

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